The Korean Society Of Automotive Engineers
Aims and Scope

The Transactions of the Korean Society of Automotive Engineers (Trans. KSAE) has as its objective the publication and dissemination of ideas among researchers in different parts of the world and also among researchers who emphasize different aspects of the foundations and applications of the field. Standing as it does at the cross-roads of Physics, Chemistry, Mechanics, Engineering Design and Materials Sciences.

Editor-in-Chief : Won Sik Lim
Editorial Board
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Current Issue
Volume 28(8); August 2020

Seunghwan Lee, Byoungkyu Park

Taejun Song, Hyewon Lee, Minjun Kim, Kwangseok Oh

Yong Eun Kim, Jae Seok Lee, Young Wook Son

Yoojin Park, Kanghyun An, Sang Kwon Lee, Kwangsoo Shin, Younggon Shin, Namchan Choi

Byoungkyu Park, Seunghwan Lee

Sujin Baek, Ji Hyun Yang

Yong Eun Kim, Jae Seok Lee, Young Wook Son

Chiheon Song, Seokwon Cho, Kyoungdoug Min